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Tips After a Home Fire

3/2/2020 (Permalink)

A fire can hit your home without you seeing it coming. Fires can actually start as a result of various reasons, regardless of the age of your home. The scenario that a fire presents can be one of the most nightmarish situations that a homeowner can face. It’s not only disastrous and a huge loss of precious memories and belongings, but can also pose a huge financial loss that can gather a large cost for the homeowner. But the biggest worry for a homeowner would be the question of what to do once the emergency is over. SERVPRO of Champions/1960 is here to help when you aren't sure what to do next!

The one thing you need to take care of is that you shouldn’t enter the home until you have official permission from the people in charge of putting out the fires. They will then help you minimize the potential damages to the home, and you can help them out by providing them with an itinerary of the damages that were made during the fire.

Also, when you return home after the fire, make sure to take photographs of the damages so that you can show them to the insurance companies when you are filing for your claim.

Damages from fires can create unpredictable results that will need the expertise of SERVPRO. Our professional restoration services company will help you deal with the smoke and odor damage as well. SERVPRO Champions/1960 will be with you every step of the way to rebuild your home and memories.

Commercial Fire Restoration and Cleanup

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

Warehouse fire loss of its assets can mean loss of productivity as well as jobs or suspension at a work place, as the result of the fire. Fully involved warehouse fire may be enough to put a company out of business and end up losing most of their products or inventory and can take months or even years to recover after a fire loss, Other consequences to warehouse fires, they can grow considerable in size, if not knocked back quickly, and can easily be carried by the wind, to neighboring buildings. SERVPRO of Champions/1960, fire restoration services, can help to restore and repair damages to any residential or commercial fire or water loss, and available 24/7 to help our neighbors and the surrounding communities get back into business again, after a disaster strikes.

Fire Restoration

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Experiencing a fire in your home or business is a traumatic event. Fire damage restoration and smoke removal is a complex task that should only be performed by professionals like SERVPRO of Champions/1960 experts in fire and water damage restoration. Our technicians can help repair damages caused by fire and smoke and you begin to recover from a distressing event. Due to toxic gases that are released from burning of construction natural materials fire and smoke restoration is a complex task. These gases are very dangerous and can result whenever a structure has fire damage. You should avoid breathing these vapors, until a SERVPRO professional neutralizes these chemicals and removes the hazards odors from the air. SERVPRO knows how difficult the loss of personal property can be, our technicians will do their best to restore items back to its original condition. 

Smoke and Fire Damage Clean Up

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Though you may have experienced a loss due to a fire and smoke damage, first time to do is call SERVPRO of Champions/1960. Our technicians and specialist will walk the property and figure out what is salvageable and what is not, then pack out and restore the contents that had little or no damage. Our specialist will provide quality work and restoration services to ensure your property will look like new again. Any components that are not safe or structurally unsound are removed from the premises. All surfaces will be cleaned with products made for cleaning fire and smoke damage. Throughout the restoration and repairs and clean up, air scrubbers will be used to help prevent the air from soot, dust and other harmful elements.

Fire Safety Tips

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Prevent house fires begin by checking your smoke alarms regularly. Avoid unattended careless use of candles; do not leave your cooking unattended, check heating wiring. Do not smoke indoors and keep your BBQ grills at least 10 feet from the house. Do not disable smoke detectors. These are a few tips to practice on how to prevent house fires. Ensure good housekeeping at all times and avoid buildup of rubbish that can burn easy. Keep fire safety equipment such as extinguishers or fire blankets. Fire is useful, but very dangerous because it can cause house, trees and many other things to burn to ashes. Fires can also destroy a huge area in a matter of minutes. Be safe and practice fire safety and prevent fires. Call SERVPRO OF CHAMPIONS/1960 for questions or concerns. 

How to prevent a House Fire

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

In the US, fire departments respond to fires every 86 seconds. Home fires can occur for a variety of reasons, but many are preventable. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires followed by heating equipment and electrical malfunction, intentional fires and smoking materials. Install smoke alarms on floors of your home and every bedroom. 50% of home fire deaths usually occur during the night while people are sleeping. When cooking, never leave food unattended, especially deep frying and frying equipment. Avoid using space heaters and avoid smoking inside the home. Be safe and have a plan that gets you and your family out of your home in less than two minutes, and practice it. SERVPRO of Champions/1960 technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days and are ready to help when a call comes in. 

Cleaning Up After a House Fire

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

After a house fire, removing smoke and soot can sometimes be washed from clothing that can be bleached and washed in warm water. Alternatively consider washing clothes in cold water with your usual household laundry. To remove soot and  smoke from walls and furniture use mild soap, detergent or a household cleaner. When cleaning walls, be sure to wear gloves and rinse surfaces with clean warm water, and dry thoroughly. Wash walls in small areas at a time, starting from floor up to prevent streaking. Rinse with clear water immediately, and wash ceiling last. To reduce the chances of growth of mold and mildew, paint the ceilings and walls after they are completely dry. To insure test surfaces and allow at least 24 hours to dry. For professional help consult SERVPRO of Champions /1960 and get the job done right.

House Fire Clean Up

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

A house fire can cause serious damage to your home and things inside your home can be damaged badly by flames, heat, smoke and water. Soot and dirt left behind can cause you to get sick. Be very careful if you do go in your home after a fire. Even if the fire that occurred is just a minor one, and does not cause a lot of fire or smoke damage. Smoke damage is difficult to remove from a home and belongings and also dangerous to live around. SERVPRO of CHAMPIONS/1960 has all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to handle any small or large job. Smoke contains carbon that comes off flames and the smell can linger after fire damages. To remove smoke smell after a fire call SERVPRO for the quickest, easiest way to eliminate any odor!

Signs of Electrical Fires

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Electrical fires account for a lot of home fires. If you notice a burning odor or sparks coming from any outlet or switches, turn the power off at the electrical panel. The problem may be a faulty device. It can be a wiring or power overload problem. Burning smells can be a serious issues, because it can indicate the start of an electrical fire. If you smell a burning smell, or rubber smell that is consistent throughout your house, try to isolate the location. You can easily prevent electrical fires in your home, by knowing what to look for. Several discolored or charred outlets and switches is a good indicator. Old outdated wiring, burnt smell or circuit breakers tripping, and sometimes appliances pulling too much electricity on one circuit can cause an issue as well. SERVPRO are the experts in this field. For all of your fire restoration needs please call SERVPRO of Champions/1960. Our staff of expects are here to answer any question or concerns about this subject. 

Grease Fires 2019

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Cooking normally doesn't present a lot of dangers. You might cut your finger while chopping vegetables or burn yourself on a hot pan. Besides that there is no actual danger to your livelihood or your home. Except for grease fires. Fires caused by grease are probably the most prominent way that fires start in homes. Grease fires happen when your cooking oil becomes too hot. Adding water or wet cold food to hot oil or grease can cause a flare up. This can ignite, and cause damages to your kitchen, as well as your entire home. Using heavy pots with lids when deep frying can help prevent this from happening. Oils won't immediately catch fire once it starts smoking, but smoke is a dangerous sign. Here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960, we deal with these kinda issues all the time. Cage your worries and let us at SERVPRO take care of this for you. 

After the Fire

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

The experts here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 take fire restoration very seriously. We understand that a house fire can affect ever part of a person's life. For some, it can feel like they have to start their lives over. The damages caused by a fire can be heavy, to say the least. That's where we come in. SERVPRO that is! We can remove soot and smoke from walls, furniture and floors by using mild soaps or detergents mixed together. Here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 our professional technicians know the best cleaning solutions. We have equipment and tools that assist us with the job as well. Learn more on how to clean up after a house fire, including supplies you will need. Contact SERVPRO of Champions/1960 for all of your restoration need and questions. 

Black Soot

3/1/2019 (Permalink)

A fire can cause unthinkable damage to your home and business, but what most people do not talk about is soot damage, and what it can do to your home or business. Soot damage is quite common after a fire. Soot is a black powdery substance that forms through incomplete combustion. Soot particles can cling to surfaces like walls, ceilings, and contents. This is what makes soot so dangerous. Our textile technician are experts. Using technology with industrial solvent, helps make your home and business look and feel brand new again. Here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960, we make it our responsibility to help educate the people in our communities, so that they understand how and why we have to take certain actions when it comes to damages to your home or business.   

Fires Cause Damages

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage is one of the most deadly things a home or business owner can face. Often negligence is a factor, other times malfunctioning electronics and even arson can be to blame. Regardless of the cause, fire damage is expensive to repair and often leaves nothing but ashes and lost memories. When wondering what to do after a fire, call SERVPRO of Champions/1960 and a trained service technician will advise you on what to do and not to do before the fire restoration process begins. Fire damage can be a devastating experience for both your home and your business, and can be caused by something as simple as preparing a meal or a smoking a cigarette. After a fire, be careful when using electronics such as the air conditioner or heater. Do not try and clean walls or clothing. We also encourage the people of our community not to eat any left over foods that were left out during the fire. For questions regarding this subject, please call the professionals at SERVPRO of Champion/1960.  

Fires That Start With a Spark

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets and old outdated appliances. According to the United States fire administration, electrical fires account for nearly 24,000 residential fires a year. Light fixtures, lamps and light bulbs are another common reason for electrical fires. During the winter month, one of the number one causes are space heaters. These types of heaters are portable and most of the time people put them too close to combustible surfaces such as curtains, beds, clothing, chairs, couches and rugs. These types of fires can rip through a home or business and destroy everything in its path. At SERVPRO of Champion/1960, we pride ourselves on the way we handle fire restoration, with our communication skills among the skills we already possess to get the job done the correct way the first time. 

Burns Related to Fires

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

Death from fires and or burns are the sixth most common cause of injury/death in the U.S. There are more mobile home fires than regular houses and injuries related to that. The majority of fire related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation not by the fire itself. Actual flames and burns are only 30 percent of fire-related deaths. Unfortunately people survive home fires with all types of burns mild and severe. First degree burns are considered mild compared to others. Second degree burns are burns that affect the lower layer of skin. Third degree burns, also known as a full thickness burns, affect the lowest layers and deep tissue areas. We at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 feel responsible to our community and pledge to make sure that we can prevent and or prepare for such tragedies.  

Top Five Ways House Fires Happen

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to house fires, there are many different ways for them to start. House fires can happen at anytime and anywhere. The top five ways for house fires to start are; cooking equipment, heating, candles, faulty wires and barbecues. All of these can be avoided with just being aware that it can happen to anyone. Here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960, we are not only the experts in water restoration, but fire restoration as well. At SERVPRO of Champions/1960, we handle just as many fire damages as we do water. When fire, water or storm damage happens it is important to select a restoration company that has the experience, knowledge and expertise to put your home or business back together like new again. 

Prep for Fires

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fires at your home or business can be a very difficult and stressful experience. In most cases the fire starts without notice. Each year more than 2,500 people die and 12,600 are injured in home fires in the United States. This number could drop significantly if people would prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The real problem is that the average person has the attitude that it will never happen to them. Which is the worst attitude when it comes to any form of disaster. Here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 we erg the people in our community to prep homes and businesses for any types of unannounced disasters, especially fires. They come on quick with mostly no warning and can destroy everything if not properly put out by your local fire department.     

Smoke and Soot

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

You've just suffered a fire, and you decide you wanna save a few bucks on the restoration process by handling the clean up yourself. Smoke and soot are a reminder of the disastrous fire that took it's toll on your home. Left over smoke and soot following a fire, can be unsightly and foul smelling. Fire damage can linger for years unless properly addressed and restored correctly. Adequate safety equipment is essential in reducing possible dangers to smoke and soot exposure and other health related issues resulting from the fire fighting efforts. Proper ventilation is also necessary to protect and restore indoor air quality following a fire. Hepa filtration can absorb toxic air flow in the house and is used to preserve air quality as well. If you have an concerns or question, we erg you to contact your local SERVPRO of champions/ 1960, where the experts and professionals can assist you with any type of destruction, including smoke and fire damage. Its a pledge that SERVPRO makes to its community.  

Fire Hot Summers

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

We look forward to summer vacations, camping, family reunions, and the Fourth of July. Summertime, however, also brings fires and injuries due to fireworks and outdoor cooking. We here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 want our community to know that the best way to protect their families is to not use fireworks at home. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends attending public displays and leaving the lighting of fireworks to the professionals.

 During the summer months, house fires are less common but can still be a hazard. Your home is supposed to be a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure. However, there are some seasonal dangers that can catch you off guard if you don't remain vigilant. The two biggest being, cooking/ grilling and fireworks during the summer holidays. We here at SERVPRO have personally seen how fast danger can occur during fun times with family members.

Electrical Fires II

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

You can preach electrical fire safety at home and practice all you want, but accidents do happen. When an electrical fire first ignites it can start small enough that you can extinguish with a blanket and maybe a fire extinguisher. Be prepared and quick to determine if the fire you are dealing with is able to be put out quickly without risk of injury or damage. Remember that the safety of everyone in the home or dwelling always comes first. If the fire is spreading quickly it can produces dangerous amounts of smoke. Smoke damage can be just as harmful. It can cause deaths, as well as, damage to the home. Smoke inhalation kills more people in home fires than the actual fires do, in most cases. Fire fighters say that if you can not extinguish a fire with in five seconds, call 911 and get out of the home. After the fire is put out and everyone is accounted for and safe, you can always count on your friendly neighborhood experts at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 to help you put your life back together.   

Electrical Fires

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Electrical fires cause millions of dollars in damages, while also claiming lives in the process. There are so many possible causes for these types of fires. One of these causes can be faulty wiring through out the house, and overloading connection for more than they were designed for. Improper use of extension cords and power strips can cause a situation. Even something as simple as small animals chewing through wiring in the wall can cause a fire. 

You can prevent electrical fires in the home by following a few safety tips. When purchasing a used heating appliance, make sure the temperature switch will shut down the equipment if the thermostat fails. When doing duct work, make sure you use a licensed professional. Anywhere there is an electric current, there is a chance of a fire. By the time you see or smell smoke, the electrical fire may already be out of control. SERVPRO of Champions/1960 wants you to stay safe and take action immediately to repair and replace faulty wiring in your home to reduce the risk of an unwarranted situation. Know the signs before the fire even starts. 

Space Heaters

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

One of the most common causes of house fires is something you would never think as a possible danger. Thirty-two percent of all home fires and deaths related to those are caused by space heaters, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

With the long term cold that set over the Houston area, some Houston residents are using space heaters to try and keep their homes and garages warm during those cold nights. Having a space heater on while you sleep can put you and your family at extreme risk for a home fire. When a space heater is left unattended and is too close to flammable items, a massive fires can occur. Which can cause injury or even death to the occupants of the home. 

Be safe and reduce your risk when using a space heater, as they can be a great addition to the home during those annoyingly cold months. Following safety precautions can reduces the risk of fire. Making sure your heater is on a flat surface, and is being used in proper area of the home and garage, can also reduce your risk of starting a house fire. 

So we here at SERVPRO of Champions/1960 ask the wonderful members of our community to be responsible and think about all the risks that go along with having a home and living in the community. We are not only responsible for ourselves but also our neighbors and fellow community members.  

How to react to a Fire

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration can help save your most precious things you own!

What to do during a Fire

              Imagine; you’re sitting at home and minding your own business. You got a bowl of popcorn and you are watching some Netflix. Suddenly you smell smoke and see a bright light in the corner of your eye. What do you do? Do you have family or pets sleeping somewhere? Do you have important documents that you need to have? Do you have irreplaceable photographs that are not in the cloud lying around the house? Do you have a plan? These are things that need to be pre-meditated when it comes to fire. It can take less than 5 minutes from the beginning of a fire to make it unlivable inside your house. It is important to have an escape route planned. The same reason that we use to do fire drills at school is the same reason you should do fire drills at your house. Time it. Plan it out.

How to react to a Fire Part II

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration can help save your most precious things you own!

Some things that you can do to help with your planning stage are to make sure your smoke alarms have refreshed batteries. The last thing you need is for your alarm system to fail because you were too lazy to put batteries in the machine (speaking from personal experience it is not worth it)! Another thing you can do is do a mock fire drill (not like Dwight Schrute did in that episode of the Office). Grab your most necessary belongings and people and pets and get out. Also plan a window escape from the second floor. Start keeping all your most important documents in one place. These are some simple things to keep in mind when doing your fire drill. At the end of the day you need to remember that the most important thing is you and your families lives. Things can always be replaced but people can’t.

How to react to a Fire Part III

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration can help save your most precious things you own!

After the fire has caught and you have escaped safely because you have been preparing for this event for years it is time to take a step back and stay calm. If the fire department is not already on the way call 911 and tell them what is going on. At this point the fire department will do its best to save your house and contents. Once they leave your house will smell like smoke and it will have water damage due to the water the fire department saving your house. Now it comes down to hiring a restoration crew. You need a restoration company to come in and perform water restoration, fire restoration, and smoke restoration. If you can’t think of one you can always call SERVPRO but I also recommend calling your insurance agent and telling them what is going on. Your insurance agent should have a company in mind for this event.

How to react to a Fire Part IV

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration can help save your most precious things you own!

If you call SERVPRO we will be there within 4 hours at least. We usually can get there within 2 hours though. Also, we are never closed so no matter what time it is we can get there. First, we will walk the job and figure out what contents are salvageable and what is not. Then we will restore the contents and get them out of the way. Next, we will begin the restoration process on the property itself. We will clean all the surfaces and use our house made products that are specifically made to clean fire and smoke damage. What isn’t restorable we will remove. We also constantly have the proper PPE on to keep our workers safe. Throughout the job we have air scrubbers running to help clean the air as we clean the property. I hope you never need us but if you do make sure the job is done right!

Turkey Fry

8/11/2017 (Permalink)

Turkey Fire

When it comes to frying turkeys, you need to remember one thing; DO NOT PUT A FROZEN TURKEY IN THE FRYER. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), about 4,300 house fires are started on Thanksgiving every year, accounting for 15 deaths and almost $27 million in property damage, many of them due to deep fried turkey accidents. Every year my family likes to fry a couple of turkeys in our turkey fryer. We do it outside on the driveway to make sure that if something goes wrong we are safe because the fryer is on a concrete driveway. While it is summer time and there is plenty of time to plan for Thanksgiving we at SERVPRO of Katy/Cypress and Champions/1960 want to give you a friendly reminder to deep fry turkeys that are thawed and do it on your driveway.

“Those Machines that Scrub the Air”       

6/7/2017 (Permalink)


“Those Machines that Scrub the Air”          

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be discussing a machine known as an air scrubber. These machines are used by restoration companies like SERVPRO. Air scrubbers “scrub” the air of its biologically imperfections and keep it as clean breathable air to make the surrounding environment perfect for drying. Air scrubbers are used as a negative air machine or HEPA air scrubber to remove airborne contaminants during restoration, and remodel work. Air enters units passing through a three-stage HEPA filtration system to remove airborne particles. Optional carbon filters remove airborne odors. Capable of four air changes per hour in a 14,000 cubic feet area. This process is used in mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire damage and air quality control.
There are certain environments to use these air scrubbers. They are for indoor use only. Do not block air intake or outlet. Also keep one foot minimum distance from obstructions. Make sure not to operate with a damaged cord or plug. Only certified SERVPRO Technicians can tame the wild beasts known as air scrubbers and bend them to their will for restoration purposes. So, if the crud must hit the fan, let it hit our air scrubbers instead.
From all of us at SERVPRO; we hope you don’t need to call us but we are waiting nonetheless.  

Fire Restoration

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Smoky Mirror being restored

Fire Restoration

              Here at SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960 we take restoration very seriously. There are many types of restoration. There is fire restoration, water restoration, mold remediation, furniture restoration and many other types of cleaning a restoration. In the greater Houston, Texas area we consider ourselves the best in the business. SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960 makes sure that every job we do is done efficiently and with great care for the customer.

              When performing a fire restoration job, we start with the least aggressive maneuvers at first. If we do not see a difference after 24 hours, then we use more aggressive maneuvers. The best part about using SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960 is that we try and restore over replace which means our bill is smaller. We are the best at what we do and it is widely accepted by most insurance companies. Please give us a chance!

-The list of our services are water restoration, fire restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, move outs and contents restoration, electronic restoration, document drying, contents claim inventory service, reconstruction, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and HVAC cleaning, deodorization, biohazard and crime scene clean up, and vandalism cleaning in the greater Houston, Katy, Alief, Cypress, Champions, 1960, highway 6, Bellaire, Myerland area and many more!-

Fire Preparation

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Not actual fire preparation ppe

Things to be aware of

              What causes a fire? Well mistakes and arson do but in this article, you will read some things that will protect you if you do have a fire. Here are some facts about fire that you should know. Seven people die every day from home fires. Thirty-six people suffer injuries every day from home fires. Over $7 billion of property damage occurs via home fires every single year. It takes about two minutes for a house to burn down once the fire starts. Can you and your family escape in two minutes?

              Some precautionary steps you can take are to have fire extinguishers in the house. Know where they are and make sure everyone else knows where they are. Practice two minute drills with your family so everyone knows how to escape. Lastly test your smoke alarms monthly. The last thing you want is something like that going out and you have no idea.

-The list of our services are water restoration, fire restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, move outs and contents restoration, electronic restoration, document drying, contents claim inventory service, reconstruction, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and HVAC cleaning, deodorization, biohazard and crime scene clean up, and vandalism cleaning in the greater Houston, Katy, Alief, Cypress, Champions, 1960, highway 6, Bellaire, Myerland area and many more!-

Fire Restoration Process

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Restoration Services

Fire Restoration Process

              In the Restoration business, we (SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960) consider ourselves experts in the field. We see all kinds of disasters that we restore back to normal and make the property look brand new. Some of the messiest jobs we see are caused by fires. Fire restoration is a messy business that needs to be done and it’s hard to figure where to start if you don’t know what you are doing.

The first step is to determine the point of origin. Once you have done this you can start by cleaning every single surface. We (SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960) start with dry cleaning and if that doesn’t work then we move to cleaning with our own house made cleaning products. If we must use our products, then we do some testing on the walls where it is not very noticeable. Once we figure out the correct product we apply it accordingly to all the surfaces.

As we are cleaning the affected areas we have an air scrubber running. Air scrubbers are not literally scrubbing the air but they are the closest thing in existence to that. Air scrubbers literally get the particulates out of the air. If you are cleaning ash off the walls and ceiling, then there are a lot of particulates in the air. The have about 4 different air filters inside of them and suck the air in and blow out clean air. Air scrubbers must be running day and night during a fire restoration job.

So, after we clean all the surfaces of the affected areas we clean the floors. We have probably been walking throughout the job and have made a mess on top of what was probably a messy floor already. Check out Part II for more information on how fire restoration is done!

-The list of our services are water restoration, fire restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, move outs and contents restoration, electronic restoration, document drying, contents claim inventory service, reconstruction, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and HVAC cleaning, deodorization, biohazard and crime scene clean up, and vandalism cleaning in the greater Houston, Katy, Alief, Cypress, Champions, 1960, highway 6, Bellaire, Myerland area and many more!-

Fire Restoration Process Part II

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration services

Fire Restoration Part II

After cleaning the floors, we now must determine the perfect way to deodorize the property. We always use a mix of SERVPRO masking agents and disinfecting agents. So, we have foggers that kill the smell with a mix of both agents. We have an ozone machine that blows O3 into the building and kills all smell. That usually takes 3 days and you can’t have anything living in the building while that is going on. After that we use some type of SERVPRO made masking agent (basically an air freshener).

While we are deodorizing the building we also are cleaning the contents. Content cleaning and restoring is a big part of the fire restoration process. If a piece of furniture or an article of clothing is restorable we are going to restore it. This not only returns a piece of property that might have sentimental value but it also makes the job cheaper which is good for both the property owner and the insurance agent. Our job is to make sure that everyone involved is happy with our work. Content cleaning is usually done off site because cleaning the content on the property can either cause secondary damage or spread damage to un affected parts of the property. If you take an ashy piece of furniture to a clean carpet, then that carpet will be dirty now. It is basic decorum to not make a mess.

Once we have restored all the property and have properly deodorized the building we can now return the contents to the building. Luckily, we know where everything goes because our content storing process is picture based. So, we just look at the pictures and put it back just as we got it.

After we return everything we make sure the property owner is happy with the work we did and then we make sure that the insurance agent knows that we appreciated them using us (SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960). Then we leave the site and let the property owner get back to their life. “Like it never even happened.”

-The list of our services are water restoration, fire restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, move outs and contents restoration, electronic restoration, document drying, contents claim inventory service, reconstruction, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and HVAC cleaning, deodorization, biohazard and crime scene clean up, and vandalism cleaning in the greater Houston, Katy, Alief, Cypress, Champions, 1960, highway 6, Bellaire, Myerland area and many more!-

Matches are not a Game

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire restoration services of Houston, Texas

Matches are not a Game

              Last year was a year of floods and rainfall. Floods and storms happened all over the world. Houston, Texas was not an exception. We received flood water throughout the entire year. With all of that rainfall you would think that there would be less fires (because the houses are wet still). Unfortunatly fires are caused by accidents or arson so they are not affected by the weather usually. We (SERVPRO of Katy Cypress and Champions 1960) had one job in particular that sticks out to me.

              Last year we received a phone call about a house fire that affected the entire two story house. We got out there in an hour to see how bad it was and the cause of the fire. We found out that one of the kids had been playing with matches. Now we have all done this. I know that I played with them when I was a kid and burned myself. Luckily for me I burned my finger not my parents house.

              Once we found the room of origin we begin to clean all the surfaces and contents. We threw out anything that was not restorable and started to make the house back to something of what it was. The ash on the walls begin to disappear. The contents were shiny again. The furniture was clean as it was before the fire if not cleaner. The house started to smell like a house and not a fire pit.

              At the end of the day this could happen to anyone. While fire restoration is our job and we take pride in our work this was also something that didn’t need to happen. Make sure you tell your kids about this horror story so they know that matches arent a game. Fire is dangerous and this family is lucky they didn’t get hurt!

-The list of our services are water restoration, fire restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, move outs and contents restoration, electronic restoration, document drying, contents claim inventory service, reconstruction, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and HVAC cleaning, deodorization, biohazard and crime scene clean up, and vandalism cleaning in the greater Houston, Katy, Alief, Cypress, Champions, 1960, highway 6, Bellaire, Myerland area and many more!-

SERVPRO of Champions/1960 and Fire Remediation

7/18/2016 (Permalink)

Firefighters battling the blaze here in Cypress, TX

If you’re a native Texan, chances are you’ve come to love hot weather and hot sauce. However, when this famous Southern heat comes in the form of a house fire, it ceases to be a symbol of state pride. Luckily, SERVPRO of Champions/1960 is prepared to treat fire damage to your  property with their time-tested expertise.

When your home has suffered the after effects of smoke and flames, remember this helpful list of guidelines to ensure your home receives the top-quality fire restoration service it requires:

  • Find Safety & Get Help: Immediately after a fire, even a home appearing to be minimally damaged can be too dangerous to occupy. Oftentimes, firefighters need to cut holes in walls and roofs to add ventilation and check for hidden flames, causing the entire structure of your home to become unstable. Once you’ve found a safe place to recover, don’t forget to comfort scared pets calmly as they may translate their fear into aggression. As soon as you can, tell your insurance company what happened. They may ask you to take note of which items were damaged or suggest fire restoration services.
  • Act Quickly: As soon as you’ve confirmed the safety of your family and notified your insurance company, it’s important to take action while damage is still settling in. If fire damage restoration begins as soon as possible, soot residue has less time to become ingrained in your furniture and fixtures, or eat away at the finish on your floors and walls. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Katy/Cypress offers 24-hour emergency service, so you can get things moving while there’s still time to salvage your belongings.
  • Ask Questions & Coordinate Responsibility: Once SERVPRO of Katy/Cypress arrives to inspect the extent of the fire damage, remember to ask questions about their findings, and determine exactly what needs to be done. Once the fire damage experts have explained their plans to clear out any fire or water damage that occurred while putting out the fire, SERVPRO will work with you and your insurance agent to begin restoring the beauty of your home. 

If your home has been damaged in a fire, call SERVPRO of Champions/1960 at (281) 469-2957 for emergency service. Visit the website for more information on the restoration services offered.

After the Fire

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This house was struck by lightning, the fire department got the fire out before it destroyed the entire property.

Every 90 seconds a Residential Fire occurs somewhere in the U.S. When a fire strikes your home SERVPRO of Champions/1960 is on the scene for you when you need us most: 24/7/365

Timely Response is our promise to you. Within 1 Hour our professionals will be in touch with you to discuss a gameplan for restoration of your home. Within 4 hours of your call a SERVPRO of Champions/1960 professional will arrive at the scene to start mitigation services. Within  8 hours, a verbal briefing of the scope of the job will be ready to be submitted to your Insurance Adjuster.

Our promise to you is to make the process go as smooth as possible! Call us today!